Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Interesting Tidbits From the eBay Stores Board

This post is dedicated to my friend in Sandy, UT who makes fun of my use of the Stores Board as a news source!

I know it can be a struggle to go through some of the Stores Board threads because there is almost always bickering and OT (off topic) discussions that de-rail the conversation and often the discussion seems counter productive but if you are willing to take the time to find the nuggets of wisdom it can be very insightful and at the very least I find it entertaining. Most of the sellers who post on the board are smaller sellers with very strong opinions and some who post no longer even sell on eBay but still enjoy being part of the board to stir the pot help struggling sellers etc.

Let me point out a few user ID's that are consistently sharing from their heart and often have some insights that are very, well insightful - my High School English composition teacher Mr. Hepp would have a few words for me regarding this blog.

oldspartantrader is a wise businessman who tries to take a macro viewpoint on the current state of eBay. He's a successful businessman that is passing his business onto his kids but enjoys sharing on the board. His name is Carl, at least that's how he signs his posts.

itspostingtime is occasionally considered an eBay plant but he (I believe he's a he) has some very good points that tend to be closer to the company line than most others and his viewpoint is welcome in any discussion.

clact - I kind of consider Marty the Pied Piper of the Stores board (that is not a negative). He is generally a very optimistic sort who wants eBay sellers to succeed and he is full of ideas -- some are a little far out there, approaching "Tin Hat territory" but then again so are many of mine. He has a great passion for eBay and especially eBay Stores.

sandrarn83 - Sandy is often at odds with Marty almost like a brother sister type of thing. There is mutual respect between them but lots of bickering as well. Sandy has lots of opinions, many that I share and I like her passion for online sellers and her own business.

I know this post is sounding a little like "As the Stores Board Turns" but I think it would be good for media types, analysts and especially eBay Senior management to take a few moments to read what they are saying. Sometimes, it can be way out there and sometimes it can get a little heated but it is well worth the read.

I've left out many different posters to the board and I don't want to slight anybody but honestly this post would go on and on. Here is a good example of the discussions these sellers are having on a daily basis; the third page of the thread in particular.

Just my 5 Cents!

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Donnie said...

Hi Randy! As a frequent lurker and occassional poster on the Stores Board, your description of the informative posters and general feel of the board was most accurate. I enjoyed reading your blog. - Donnie, OMO Studios dot com