Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a Cyber Weekend!

It looks like online sales over at Amazon grew steadily over the weekend; at least for one seller.

Their eBay sales were up about the same as Amazon but with 2 IDs. They also had to double the number of auctions closing and their conversion rate was 25%.

  • 30,000 listings on Amazon.

  • 150,000 eBay Store listings and 10,000 Auctions listings (about half closing over the weekend)
Just a little real world evidence that it now appears to be a Cyber Weekend.

One additional note about their eBay sales. Prior to August of 06' and the Store fee increase this seller averaged 800 - 1000 items a day on eBay alone with about 4000 auctions and 150K listings in each store.

One seller does not make a trend but it does make a blog post.

Just my 5 cents!

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