Monday, November 05, 2007

"eBay Speak" Quote of the Day!

Don't worry this won't be a regular post, I just came across a very funny "eBay Speak" quote from eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy in response to a quote from Ina Steiner; regarding volume listing discounts.

"That is so contrary to eBay's philosophy since it started," says Ina Steiner, editor of AuctionBytes, a trade publication for online merchants. "High-volume sellers have been demanding volume discounts for years. It wasn't until Amazon increasingly moved in on eBay's territory that eBay reacted to the demand."

Hani Durzy, eBay's director of corporate communications, responds that the company has always run experiments with its pricing structure and this move is "absolutely not" a reaction to Amazon's competition. "We expect that our sellers, even our biggest sellers, are multi-channel," says Durzy. He does add that eBay will be considering more pricing options in 2008 than it has in the past. (Bold is mine)

This is similar to eBay saying the Google ad embargo was not related to the Google Checkout party at eBay Live.

The article this quote was taken from is very interesting and a good read. Click to it here.

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