Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bomb Scare at eBay's San Jose Campus!

This morning's mail brought an unwelcome surprise to the eBay mailroom. A suspicious package was found by mailroom employees. The bomb squad was called in and the building evacuated. As of this post the bomb squad is still working on the scene.

At this point there is no confirmation that it was actually a bomb but employees were evacuated from one building as a precaution.

"One suspicious package was discovered. We immediately evacuated the mailroom," spokesman Hani Durzy told Reuters. "The building remains evacuated at this point," he said.

In October of last year, an explosion rocked the PayPal office across the street from eBay's offices. To date nobody has been arrested in that case.

There is certainly a huge amount of dislike, in some cases outright hatred towards eBay by former members but nothing can justify this type of behavior. Hopefully it was not an explosive device and employees can return to work soon.

I'll update you with further info as I get it.

Update: According to San Jose Police Sgt. Nick Muyo, a suspicious package reported at eBay's Hamilton Avenue offices this morning "was not an explosive device." So eBay employees should soon be back to work.

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