Monday, October 01, 2007

Skype Founders Speak!

I found these two blog posts regarding the Skype news of Niklas Zennstrom leaving and the eBay writedown. I thought you might be interested in them as well.

From Janus Friss - Co-founder of Skype.

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

Writing this it is probably out in the open that we have negotiated an early settlement of the earn out that was part of the deal when we sold Skype to Ebay in September 2005.

Skype has been an incredible adventure and I am proud to have been part of it. Looking back at 2003, at two guys running around with a crazy idea of building a global phone company purely on the Internet, moving from one rented apartment to another, still battling a major lawsuit from our Kazaa days, 2003 seems a long time ago. It is amazing to think that it is only four years!

So it is with a touch of nostalgia that we bring one chapter to a close (well almost – Niklas will continue as chairman of Skype for some time).

Earn-outs are inherently difficult creatures, but we are happy with the result of this one. We are approximately half way into the earn-out period and the settlement amounts to one-third of the total possible earn-out amount....

And this from an interview of Zennstrom at Thomas Crampton's Blog:

"Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and co-founder of Skype, today stepped down from the company ahead of the scheduled work-through period for its acquisition by eBay.
Shortly before the
public announcement of his departure, Zennstrom agreed to give an exclusive English-language interview to this blog."

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