Friday, October 05, 2007

Meg Whitman Getting More Criticism in the Press!

Today, I came across a post from The that takes Ms. Whitman to task for the Skype purchase; well we've all heard that before. This article was a discussion based on what Meg had said at a presentation for Stanford's business school last year regarding the purchase of Skype and the lessons learned in the past that helped her make the decision.

"And those three lessons, she implied, explain why she, as boss of eBay, the world's largest online auctioneer, was right to buy an internet-telephone company called Skype for an astonishingly high price in 2005"

Please read the article, as it details what these three lessons were and how she applied them to the Skype purchase. The author concluded his post with this:

"Ms Whitman also mentioned a fourth lesson during her talk at Stanford. Her main job as boss, she said, is to put “the right person in the right job at the right time”. She emphasized the word “time”, since a manager who was right a few years ago may no longer be today. It is a lesson her own bosses, on eBay's board, will doubtless soon be reviewing."

I recently wrote a post on the 10 Reasons Why Meg Whitman will Leave eBay by Q3 '08. I didn't include a Skype write-down and the possibility the board may lose faith in her so add those to the list.


huh? said...

It's a shame that Ms. Whitman isn't getting more bad press. She certainly deserves it, in my opinion. Will the major coverup continue even as Ebay's favorite hacker, on 10-5-07, taunts the Trust and Safety discussion board regulars by making them NARU and emailing them to tell them about it? Of course it will continue. Ms. Whitman apparently believes that most Ebay members are fools who will believe that phishing can happen to anyone, even those who preach about it on a regular basis. Phishing can't possibly explain how someone can access a member's account, give them NARU status, and then restore the account. But so what? No big deal to Ms. Whitman. It's only a venue. Why should she care?

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