Sunday, October 07, 2007

eBay Store Sellers Create Their Own Promotional Campaign

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eBay store sellers, who frequent the eBay discussion boards, have created their own promotional campaign for eBay Stores. There seems to be a sense of frustration with the lack of exposure for eBay Stores so eBay user Sandram83 took it upon herself to organize a promotional campaign. The promotion is called the Red Door Campaign and is explained this way:

What is the Red Door Campaign? Simply this is a SELLER initiative to educate Ebay buyers that Ebay stores officially exists on the Ebay site. Millions of store items are available for sale but buyers don't know we exist. This needs to change NOW. Only if we band together to work and publicize this fact are we going to make a change for the better. Ebay stores are now being stocked for the holiday season and this is the perfect time to publicize the fact that we exist. Let's make a positive change on this site. The Red Door Campaigns asks you to add a logo wherever you think it will publicize Ebay Stores most. Your core listings, all store listings, a store promo box, Me Page or anywhere else you can think or wish to place it. We need to educate buyers that stores exist. We need to teach them how to find us, and we need to take control of this process ourselves. sandrarn83 (2809 )

Apparently eBay is allowing this campaign to move forward through the holiday season:

Hello everyone, First of all, we applaud sandram83 for her efforts and energy around The Red Door Campaign. We believe this is a very positive way to market eBay Stores, and to educate buyers about what's behind the red door. We are VERY happy to announce the green light for this campaign! For clarity, here are some guidelines:1) For now, this will be allowed during the holiday season (until the end of this year). 2) Trust & Safety and Customer Support have been notified, so your listings shouldn't be taken down. We can't guarantee this won't happen, but we'll be available to resolve issues if they come up.3) Animated gifs are okay, but the animation should stop after 6 seconds. 4) Having the "Red Door Campaign" graphic link to your own Store is fine, as well as having the following text link going to Stores search. 5) Please let us know when you've finalized the graphic and text. Thanks everyone for your input and patience! Way to go, Sandra! From an eBay Pink on the discussion thread

IMO, stores are the future of eBay; not Auctions. This is a small effort but deserves some attention from the press and other blogs. eBay Store Sellers pay eBay lots of money each month for exposure, they shouldn't have to come up with their own campaign to make that exposure happen.

Why not visit an eBay Store this holiday season!!

Just my 5 Cents


bonni said...

Huh. If eBay thinks it's so great to publicise eBay stores, then why the heck aren't eBay taking the initiative and doing something in that direction?

I happen to agree that stores are the future of eBay. Click and buy is the way most of web commerce actually works, and online auctions are only useful in certain situations (collectibles, for example). For the most part, buyers want to get in, do the comparions, and then buy what they want.

Sitting around for a week waiting to see IF you'll be able to buy the item you're looking for isn't "exciting", no matter what nonsense eBay wants to promote on that score...

Anyway, good luck to eBay store owners. I wish them well on this and I hope it does a lot of good. Maybe it'll even show eBay that buyers LIKE stores... ?

Connie said...

Thanks for this info. We'll be adding it to our new listings as we go along getting ready for the holiday season.