Tuesday, October 02, 2007

eBay Discussion Board Humor!

Obviously sellers have way too much time on their hands but one enterprising soul (jigup) from the eBay Seller Central discussion board came up with this logo for eBay's new ad campaign.

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karen said...

i have a problem with a man named frank o'loughlin of westerly, ri. he won a $200 dollar bid on ebay and said he would pay me but was traveling. i did not hear from frank for 3 weeks and ebay gave me his phone number and his wife said he would take care of it. This is after 6 weeks and it is too late to second chance it. I then called Frank and he said he had to talk to his wife about the situation. I asked him to get back to me by Sunday and he never did. I called back and his wife said he did not need the package. I told her I needed the money to pay for my health insurance and if i had to relist it, it would cause me a delay on my payment. Remember they said they were going to take the package several times. I reminded her of ebays policy that they are legally responsible for it and she said that doesn't matter to them. I told her I felt mislead and lied to and she said she would fight me with ebay about that. I called ebay and the best they would do is give them a unpaid strike, send them an email- which his wife does't care about anyway because she is beating the system, but they still would be allowed to use the system. And no seller on the system can see the strike. From now on if payment is not made 3 days after invoice it is time to second chance it. I have a feeling they have done this before and took advantage of my good nature. Any suggestions for the future to avoid this type of situation which ebay does not have under control? Please learn from my example.