Sunday, October 07, 2007

AuctionBytes Survey Results: Industry Snapshot September 2007

Ina Steiner has published the results from her latest Auctionbytes Survey and some interesting trends are appearing. Check it out here.

One thing (among many things) that stood out to me was the survey results for the following:

Attitudes about eBay

We asked respondents if they think eBay is safer today for bidders and buyers than it was 1 year ago; 22 percent said yes, 53 percent said no, and 25 percent said they didn't know.

This year for the first time we asked respondents to rate eBay on how well they communicate with users; 1.6 percent said "Excellent": 13.3 percent said "Good"; 22.7 percent said "Average"; 19.5% said "Bad": and 43 percent said "Poor."

43 percent of respondents said that eBay is poor when it comes to communication. eBay is lucky they never created a feedback rating system for their own customer service -- a suspension would be in order.

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