Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shop Victoriously - Buy It Now!!!!

I'm posting a recent Visa Check Card commercial to make a point:

  1. It's a great campaign and eBay should consider going with TBWA\Chiat\Day for their next campaign and dump BBDO, Worldwide. BBDO has had one hit campaign (IT) and 2 "stinkers" (The current one and last year's Express campaign) for eBay. They had a good thing going with the IT campaign but have missed the mark on the last two.

  2. Pay close attention to the ad and you will see the problem eBay is having with their Marketplace business and why this bet on "Shopping Victoriously" won't pay off.

  3. Hint - Think of the guy with the actual cash as an eBay Auction customer.

The world has passed eBay by. Customers want it and they want it now. More than 40% of eBay's core purchases are either BIN (Buy it Now) or FP (Fixed Price) eBay, is yearning for the good old days and they are gone.

The only way to save the auction business is to create an eBay Classic site and split off BIN,FP and Stores onto the New eBay. Then talk to the folks at TBWA\Chiat\Day about a new Ad campaign.


Anonymous said...

eBay's been focused on the buyer experience but the site has become too complex and expensive for the novice seller (who wants to sell their old stereo system) to bother. It's hard to have fun playing a "game" when the rules are changed every 2 weeks. eBay should educate the public on the "semi_persistent buy it now" option

If you can't find interesting items on eBay at fair prices, you may as well deal with Amazon.

billstuff said...

Hello Randy. I'm inclined to agree with you on this one. eBay is banking on the notion that an ad campaign is going to make people rethink their own buying preferences. It wasn't a fluke that eBay Store listings, fixed price listings and BIN listings have overtaken the auction. This is what buyers want, and this is how sellers prefer to sell. I guess it is ok if they want to underscore the fun of the auction, but most of us know by now that the only reason they continue to push auctions is because that avenue of selling is more profitable for eBay, even if it isn't what the rest of us want.

ONLYEBAY said...

On what basis do you already claim the current campaign is a "stinker"? Is it just your personal opinion? I ask because I actually like the adverts and had thought they would be a hit.

Also, while I do agree EBAY have had their issues with auction vs BIN, I don't think the "world has passed them by". After all, they are still growing GMV at double digit growth rates. Yes, the growth could be higher but a company with $60 billion in annual GMV is doing something right.

Randy Smythe said...

OnlyeBay - Yes, it is my opinion that the latest ad campaign is a Stinker. The race for the radio reminded of Monty Python's Twit Race and I just saw the football version of the ad.

If 40% of Core is now BIN or FP and 10% of their GMV is coming from Stores then at least half the market doesn't want to win something they want to buy it.

I know it is a radical idea to split it into two platforms and may be technically very difficult but auctions would truly be auctions again and Fixed Price could grow along with ecommerce.

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