Thursday, September 13, 2007

In Other News! Super D buys MSI Music

This news will only be of interest to a few of my readers who are in the Packaged Media business, like some of my former competitors in the eBay media category.

A rumor surfaced yesterday that SuperD, a DVD and CD distributor based in Southern California has purchased MSI Music, (according to their website the largest importer of recorder-music in the states). MSI is based in Florida. This purchase has been rumored in the past but in this case I do have confirmation that the purchase has been made but no details have been disclosed.

This acquisition creates a virtual monopoly for Super D in the imported recorded music business, basically the last high margin media business left. Look for more consolidation in the DVD and CD distribution ranks in the next year or so.

Update: Heres a notice from Also, I've "heard it through the grapevine" that they are closing the Florida warehouse. I'm sure they will keep a sales office on the East Coast.

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Anonymous said...

Randy, you are correct. By Super D purchasing MSI music, they have indeed created a "virtual monopoly" when it comes to big import "wholesalers". However, did you know that Super D is secretly a retailer? That's right, is owned & operated by Super D. They also sell retail on Amazon using the same name, (as you now see, Super D is a retailer and competes against the very same customers that they sell to). Nice, huh?