Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Can't Help Myself!

I just can't stay away! eBay Director of On-Site Advertising, Steve Hartman made an announcement yesterday about eBay's on-site advertising and while I don't have much time to comment on it I thought I would highlight a couple of quotes and then direct you to a post I made last Oct.

Steve said:

From the beginning, we've approached on-site advertising with the belief that displaying some types of ads to the right people at the right time would benefit buyers by providing them with greater opportunities to find what they were looking for. By satisfying needs this way, we add value to the overall marketplace and further establish eBay as the first and best place to shop.

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Steve Continued on saying:

There are different reasons people use eBay. Some come to browse, buy, sell, and connect. Others simply come to research or have fun. The testing we've done has helped us better predict when providing advertising actually helps as part of these experiences.

I may be wrong here, but who considers Ads as improving the buyer experience. If they created a shopping search engine and added that to eBay then I would believe what they are saying but placing ads all over the site doesn't seem to improve any of the experience (browse, buy, sell, and connect. Others simply come to research or have fun.) BTW, who comes to eBay to have fun

Well that's it for now. I may pop in again.

Remember this is Just my 5 Cents!