Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun Little Facts About My Blog Utopia!

The nice thing about being a small little blog, is that I have time to check my stats 3 or 4 times a day (okay, its more like 3-4 times an hour). I noticed a curious little trend this morning following my post about the ChannelAdvisor acquisition of Marketworks. Activity from Salt Lake City, Atlanta, GA (and surrounding cities) and Raleigh/Durham has increased, in some cases 500%, over the day before.

Curious that:
  • ChannelAdvisor is in Raleigh/Durham
  • Marketworks is in Atlanta, GA
  • Infopia, is in Salt Lake City
I'm still waiting for an increase in activity from San Diego (Zoovy) and surprisingly, activity from my number one referring network eBay has not increased substantially. But then again, it isn't even 9:00 am yet on the West Coast.

This is so much fun. I love news like this, it keeps things interesting. Stay tuned for more speculation on what this acquisition says about the future.

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