Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bear Stearns Conference Call Today With Scot Wingo

Just thought I would give you a heads up in case you are available around 2:30PM EST. This should be quite interesting.

Bear Stearns Internet Conference Call...

eBay: Recent Changes and the Impact for 3Q and Beyond

hursday, Sept 13th 2:30pm ET - Hosted by Robert S. Peck, CFA

Featuring Industry Veteran

Scot Wingo
, CEO of ChannelAdvisor & Steve Grossberg, Internet Merchant Association

is a leading provider of auction and marketplace management software and services. Clients include: IBM, Sears, Dell, Motorola, Sharper Image, as well as eBay’s top SMB sellers.

The Internet Merchants Association (IMA) is a nonprofit trade association for companies involved in internet commerce. The Association was founded to provide our members with a voice in the ever-changing world of e-commerce by providing education for all levels of business.

Topics to be Addressed:

What are the recent changes eBay has been making?
How will these changes impact the metrics?
What’s the impact of the listings discount?
Will eBay be successful in reinvigorating growth?
What do you think of Finding 2.0?
Current Views on PayPal?
Adoption of Google Checkout by clients?
Feedback ratings impact by “neutrals”?

Dial In: 1-800-683-1535 (domestic); +1-973-633-6740 (outside US); Passcode: 9229654

Replay through 9/20: 877-519-4471 (domestic); +1-973-341-3080 (outside US); Replay Pin: 9229654 Replay available thru 09/19/07

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