Monday, August 20, 2007

Trust & Safety Crack Down Round 2!

eBay finally came out with the rules for the recent T&S crackdown but since I deal mostly with larger sellers I hadn't really considered the plight of the small seller until I came across the following thread on the eBay Trust and Safety board.

Suspended account- 1 neg in 90 days 43 positive- how can that happen?

The OP (Original Poster) had this to say:

" how does ebay figure this stuff out for account suspension?
in 90 days I have 1 neg response- Zero neutral and 43 positive
that does not make 5% dissatisfied customers"

Of course this was posted prior to the announcement by Philipp Justus. Fortunately an eBay Pink (moderator) popped in to save the day.


At the time your account was evaluated and restricted (not suspended) you actually had 2 negatives from unique buyers and 25 positives from unique buyers over a 90-day period: a buyer dissatisfaction rate of 7.4%. Both negatives were received from well-established community members.

The restriction on your account should have been lifted earlier. I apologize that it was not, and have asked that the situation be corrected.

-- Steve "

It appears one of the Negs he received was from a Non-Paying Bidder which in my mind should not be counted against a seller. It looks like he left a negative for the buyer who didn't pay and the buyer retaliated with a neg as well. Does any of this seem remotely fair or reasonable. Besides the fact that the seller was restricted in June and it took until August for someone to take care of it. Had "Steve The Pink" not been reading the thread the seller would still be on restriction indefinitely.

I'm sorry, but eBay T&S is out of control. eBay has royally screwed this up. Add to this the fact they are counting neutrals as negatives and it boggles the mind. I recall from my selling days we regularly got neutrals from customers saying thanks for the product etc.

Small sellers are scared to death:

" Wow.. I'm scared to sell anything and I've got 100% feedback..

I don't like what's going on here but there isn't anything I can do about it.. :O "

I am really restraining myself from using inflammatory language to get my point across but this problem has got to be resolved. The sellers on eBay pay the freight. eBay's ham-fisted T&S troops need to be reigned in. They should be spending their time going after fraud and criminals on the site not good sellers who have 2 angry buyers. Small sellers have absolutely nobody to help them out.

Do you know what the result of these T&S actions will be? Soon, Sellers who used to give positive FB as soon as the item was paid for, will begin holding that FB until they receive the customers feedback and if the customer chooses to give the seller a Neutral that seller will now give the buyer a Negative. Because, according to the rules a neutral is a negative.

I had more to say but after walking away from the computer and calming down I will end the post here.


Sue Bailey said...

Both negatives were received from well-established community members.
That's interesting. I wonder if this is another criterion we haven't yet been told about?

Randy Smythe said...

Sue, They still have a few sticks left in their bag before they start dishing out carrots.

They are going to add DSR ratings to the non-performing seller calculation and I'm sure will begin considering Ratings given because the Negs given to buyers will increase.

This approach will backfire on them.

Sue Bailey said...

Yes, I'm expecting DSR to be added in - Brian Burke said as much at Live iirc. Of course, if they're going to think about ratings *given*, then that will just mean sellers making sure they get in there first with their neg so it doesn't look like retaliation. Feedback was one of the few things on eBay that by and large worked, and they've just broken it beyond repair now. I hate to turn into an old timer yearning for the good old days, but it does make me sad.