Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shopping.com Items To Be Listed on eBay Express!

eBay announced today, that beginning in late August they will begin listing Shopping.com items on eBay Express. Here are the details:

In order to be eligible for exposure on eBay Express, Shopping.com sellers need to:
  • be part of Shopping.com's "Cart" program, which allows their items to be purchased directly on Shopping.com, and
  • have demonstrated reputable business history (e.g. through a positive relationship with Shopping.com for one year or longer).
This could mean that eBay sellers, with listings on Express, will begin competing against large retailers like Overstock.com, Buy.com Circuit City, TigerDirect and many more.

It looks like eBay is trying to increase both the quality and quantity of inventory on Express, in preparation for the holiday season. In addition to the Shopping.com listings, Express will be expanding its merchandising efforts. eBay sellers can take part in this merchandising if they use combined shipping or Markdown Manager.

I don't really see too much of an impact on eBay sellers because Express is such a small portion of their sales but Shopping.com sellers, who meet the requirements, have just added additional exposure for no additional cost. Since Shopping.com Sellers will need to have been on Shopping.com for a year this may limit the number of sellers eligible.


Anonymous said...

Putting Shopping.com listings on eBay Express is not a bad idea, but one that is not likely to produce results. Shopping.com has poor conversion rates, poor merchant showing (only big merchants that you ALREADY knew about list on shopping.com), and poor customer service. Express, however, is outright a failure. eBay should stop putting resources into Express and buy some Amazon stock.

Randy Smythe said...

I like the "buy some Amazon stock" idea.

In June of 2006 Amazon was 20% of the 3P (third-party sellers)market and eBay was 80% in June of this year eBay was 75% and Amazon 25%.

Amazon has the momentum and the expertise. eBay needs to fish or cut bait.