Apple said its iTunes store has sold more than 3 billion songs since its debut in 2003. In the first quarter this year, the iPod media player helped Cupertino-based Apple surpass and Target to become the third-largest music seller in the nation. It now trails only Wal-Mart Stores and Best Buy, the company said Tuesday. Apple sold its first billion songs by February 2006 and a billion more by January. Apple's revenue from song downloads and related service totaled $608 million in the third quarter, a 33 percent increase from a year earlier.

- Bloomberg News

$608 Million in one Quarter from music downloads, .99 cents at a time. Wow, that is amazing. Steve Jobs has done a fantastic job of turning a niche computer company into a multi-media empire. He will find it more difficult to duplicate the results in the video world but he is sure trying. Apple has been successful with TV shows download because they are short 22 to 45 minute programs, I think it will take some time for full-length feature films to grow past the early adopters. Apple is trying to get around these problems with iTV but it may take years before this idea grabs hold of the market.

See, I can write about something other than eBay.