Thursday, August 30, 2007

More eBay Stores Board Humor

There was a recent hubbub about a quote eBay made in the last PowerUp newsletter and I wrote about it as well. To refresh your memory, here is the quote: "When sourcing at retail, check the return policy before you buy. If items are returnable, you can always return the inventory if you find it doesn’t sell at a good profit.”

Well today I was reading the eBay Stores board and came across this post in response to the above quote:

"Hey eBay! I bought a 100 auctions from you and only 20 sold. Can I return the 80 that didn't sell and get a refund please?

No, I can't. That's odd. I ran the 100 auctions because you told me to buy the 100 widgets and return the ones that didn't sell back to retailer for a refund.

Isn't it only fair that I can return the extra 80 auctions I bought from you for a refund as well?" from user ID: thepinkelephants

As you can tell, my sense of humor leans towards the sarcastic so I thought this quite funny.

eBay certainly is making changes , some that I think are positive, but sellers probably aren't going to let up. My discussions with sellers say they are still seeing declining conversion rates so eBay certainly needs to improve the value of their product both for Buyer and Seller

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