Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It Pays to Bitch A Little!

Sorry for the title but its accurate. If sellers believe they aren't being heard they will express their outrage. Apparently eBay is listening, witness this tome from the eBay Chatter blog. I won't go into it in any depth; I've been writing about it far too often already. Please read it and comment on this post if you would like to discuss it.

eBay has changed there tune a little bit. They are communicating! We need to be patient with them because they are new to this. I have seen significant change in the last few weeks and though I have my hunches why, I won't share them just yet.

Sellers need to encourage this behavior or they may go back to their old ways. I still wish eBay PR would return my emails. They seem to pick and choose which questions they want to answer. Silence just makes me more curious.

So please read The Chatter Blog. There is some very good information in the post, even answers to many of your questions.

I know I can be a little sarcastic at times (CT stop rolling your eyes) but I honestly see this as a positive change that needs to be encouraged, so when you bitch about something in the coming days make sure to keep an open mind. I'm just sayin'

That's My 5 Cents


Huh? said...

You can't seriously be falling for this? Communication? Tell that to the sellers with restrictions who email T & S and get told that their emails are no longer welcome and no further discussion will take place. Tell that to the sellers who don't seem to fit these new guidelines but get restricted or suspended anyway. (I wanted to link to a thread on the T & S board where a seller speaks of being told eBay would ignore further emails but, gee, it seems to be gone.)

Randy Smythe said...

Sssshh! You'll scare them away.

I've been around this place a long time and I see signs of change. They have certainly got a very, very, long way to go but I do think things are changing.

Their approach over the years has been dreadful and it will take a long time to rebuild the relationship between management and sellers, maybe I'm just being hopeful.

I personally have seen signs, that at least at some levels they are improving but obviously not at all levels.

Anonymous said...

Ebay's communication is currently mass confusion. Ask the same question about this seller non performance enforcememnt and get a different answer every time. Sure they are communicating, canned responses or specifics that don't apply to you. Contradiction and making it up as they go appear to be the only consistancy around eBay lately.

Change for better? At what cost?

Liz said...

I must admit, I deal with eBay everyday and have a chemistry degree so I feel I am not so stupid. But the post on chatter confuzzled the hell out of me! It is good that eBay were forced to communicate, or confuse but in true ebay fashion its not quite a whole bunch of bananas!

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