Friday, August 03, 2007

Is Something Big in the Works for eBay?

I just came across this notice from the AP EBay Doubles Credit Pact With Bank of America to $2 Billion From $1 Billion Now, let me ask you something. If eBay never once used the original $1 Billion credit line, why do they need to grow it to $2 billion?

They are sitting on $3.6 billion in cash on their balance sheet, have bought back nearly $1 billion in stock and now have upgraded their credit line by $1 billion dollars. Me thinks somethin is up!

They certainly don't need all the cash for a merger with Yahoo but if they are seriously looking at making a move on Facebook they might need to negotiate a cash plus stock arrangement. Facebook, is still a little expensive in my view but eBay has certainly positioned themselves to make a move if they want to.

I'm no M&A expert but this certainly looks to be a viable deal.

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