Friday, July 13, 2007

Now You Can Search My Blog Utopia and What I Link To!

Blogger has just released a new search tool for blogs, hosted on their platform, that allows readers to search the blog they are reading and also the the content it links to. Now you can search on a term once and get all of the related links to that term.

I've added the search to the top of the sidebar. It will search My Blog Utopia and then you can use the links at the top of the results to search my Blog Roll or content I have linked to in my posts. Just click each link and pull up info on that term from the blogs I link to. It's very cool!

Take it for a test drive.

Update: It is quite interesting how a straight Google search differs quite drastically from a search of the sites I link to in this blog. This new search tool serves to surface posts and articles that are buried in Google Natural Search but are still news worthy for my readers. Here is an example: Search on the name John Donahoe (eBay's Man Behind the Curtain)

Check out the results: The first results are of my own links to John Donahoe from this blog. The next tab is Linked From Here and it surfaces a completely different set of posts that complement or add to my own posts. Finally, choose The Web tab and you get the Google main search results for John Donahoe, which are less bloggy and more corporate but still very valuable. I believe the combination of these 3 searches provides a boat-load of information on the search term. Try it for your own search term. Please let me know what you think?

This is still in Beta so there may occasionally be some issues.

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