Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Feel Like A Real Journalist!

A few days ago, I wrote a post regarding the upcoming changes in fees on eBay France. I was slightly confused by the announcement, so I requested some help from eBay's PR department. In the past, eBay PR has not been very cooperative, when I've requested information but I have to say, I'm thankful and pleased that this appears to have changed.

Yesterday, I received an email from eBay spokesperson, Catherine England (is that what I'm supposed to call her?) She referred me to her eBay France counterpart for help regarding my questions. BTW, if you are reading this, thanks Catherine.

Today, I received an answer from eBay France spokesperson, Esther Ohayon. My question was regarding the changes in fees now that Gallery was being required on every listing. I thought it was a great idea for those already using gallery and that it certainly would help out the buyer experience but I felt it would be a huge fee increase for those sellers who did not use gallery currently, due to the increased expense. Of course my major concern was regarding media sellers. I wanted clarification regarding media items. Here is Esther's response.

"Books and Music categories benefit from a specific pricing in France, at 0.05 euro insertion fees and 9% final value fees for fixed price and auction, and at 0.01 euro insertion fees and 12% final value fees for store format. The new pricing starting Aug 28 will include gallery at no additional cost.

Store format - for all applicable categories - will also include gallery at no additional cost."

This is great news! Now that I have this information, I can join Sue Bailey, of Tamebay in applauding this move. The requirement of gallery for each listing will improve the buyer experience and the fact that store format and media items will get Gallery at no additional cost will greatly benefit sellers in these two areas. Media sellers are already squeezed enough with their margins.

Now, I hope that this will be a very successful change and it will soon find its way to other markets including the UK and the US.

Wow, first I was allowed to attend eBay Live as a member of the press and now I am getting responses from eBay PR. My Journalism Professor Dad, will be so proud.

PS. eBay France appears to be very aggressive with their changes right now. Here is a recent post from Tamebay regarding additional changes.

"Best Match" made default on eBay France

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