Wednesday, July 18, 2007

eBay Q2 Earnings - No Surprise.

They beat estimates, again. Meg, said the same things she always says. Yawn! Some things I did notice that should raise questions.

  • There was absolutely no mention of eBay Express. It appears Express is an experiment that has failed. They will either put it on cruise control or shut it down. Look for a reorganization shortly in the Express group. (Pure speculation on my part).

  • Non-GMV (, classifieds, Advertising) growth is out-pacing GMV growth, which is a continuing sign that the core marketplace business is declining. Look for eBay to add additional Non-GMV properties to their portfolio in the year ahead.

  • Craig's List - Meg, said they will continue to own the 25% stake in the classified service and grow Kijiji organically. I don't imagine this will be the case for very much longer.
eBay management has proven that they can manage the bottom line but investors and sellers want more. Maybe sellers should just stop listing on eBay and advertise with Yahoo and to bring customers to their own websites.

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