Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unhealthy eBay Marketplace Dynamics PeSA Statement

It is good to see PeSA finally speaking out about the problems on eBay. Maybe a little activism is needed to encourage changes to the marketplace.

At eBay Live! eBay executives once again said "we heard you" but their track record is far from encouraging. I've attended 5 of the 6 eBay Lives and I've heard that phrase "we heard you" each and every time. eBay did address some of the major points of this statement but much work is still to be done.

eBay has a history of only changing when they are forced to, so PeSA needs to take a more proactive approach in dealing with eBay. What is so sad, IMO, is that if eBay would truly partner with their sellers they could avoid the trouble coming down the pike. Unions were never needed until employers took advantage of their employees, government regulation was never enacted until corporations refused to change on their own. I fear eBay is travelling down the same path as many compaines before it.

Now is the time to really reach out to their sellers and say "Let's Sit Down and Hash This Out". Sellers don't want to run the company but they do want to know for a fact that they are partners in the process.

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately for ebay, the more sellers that leave the marketplace, the more that don't come back. any merchant that has cracked the website code will never go back to ebay, when their margins are 2-3 times higher on their websites.