Thursday, June 14, 2007

Live Blogging From eBay Live!

I'll try to keep this up until my battery dies. I'm attending the Keynote Address and Meg is speaking now. Let the Rah Rah begin. I've been to 5 eBay Live! conferences over the years and Meg's first 15 minutes could just be presented on video becasue it is close to the same as every other year. I'll try not to interject any sarcasm and just present the news. Hopefully she will get to it before the battery dies. BTW, this is the first time that Meg has gone up to 100,000 in feedback before she stopped there were quite a few left standing.

Just some tidbits from the rumor bin. It looks like Scot Wingo got the scoop on a proposed Sabatical by Bill Cobb this year.

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