Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Taking The Rest Of The Week Off!

Unless something earth shattering happens over the next several days -- I'm working on a couple of stories for the blog but I'm waiting on some info so I may still post -- I will be spending the rest of the week concentrating my efforts on a project I started on

When I was selling on eBay I rarely paid any attention to small sellers or read the discussion boards, I was too busy trying to run my business. Now that I have become a full-time blogger, I find that the discussion boards are a good way for me to get leads on stories (and they are occasionally very entertaining).

Many of the sellers I have met over the last few months are struggling to make ends meet while eBay figures out their strategy for Stores. I've heard their plight and am trying to do my part. While, I encourage most sellers to work toward multi-channel selling, with their own website as the hub, many sellers still feel more comfortable on eBay and they just want to be given an opportunity.

I originally created a Squidoo lens (Webpage) for eBay sellers and their Squidoo Lenses it quickly grew to be a very successful page with over 240 eBay/Squidoo lenses represented. I then expanded the lens to include links to eBay stores and encouraged sellers to add their store links with the Store referral code. I was surprised at how fast it grew, now the Lens has become less effective because of the sheer amount of information. So over the next several days I will be expanding my eBay/Squidoo lenses. The main lens will serve as an index by category and link to an independent lens on that particular category. The categories will be fairly broad at the beginning and if they grow I will add more depth to them.

Squidoo lenses get exceptional Google ranking, so this makes sense as a method for driving traffic to eBay Store sellers. I've struggled with why I should develop ways to bring traffic to eBay when eBay has worked so hard at hiding Stores but it comes down to this; sellers need more free exposure since eBay fees are as high as they can go (in my opinion) and this will give them an opportunity to increase exposure and get a savings through the Store referral credit. The traffic to stores is not huge but it is growing and everyone needs more traffic. BTW, this is not limited to small sellers but I don't imagine many big sellers will take me up on the free link.

Please check out the lens when you get a change and if you are a Store Seller on eBay or an eBay seller who has an independent website please list your store or website on the lens.

Update: I'm working on a story about the seller crack down by eBay Trust and Safety that Ina Steiner mentioned on her blog. I need accurate details from sellers who have been restricted or suspended so I can be as thorough as possible. If I get enough information over the next few days I will post the story on Monday. I can be emailed at rksmytheatyahoodotcom

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Colleen @ Freaknoodles said...

Wow, Randy! Thanks for all the work you're doing to put together the eBay Squidoo lenses. I have had a good amount of traffic from your original lens, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the categories. Enjoy your "week off" full of lots of extra work!