Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm Heading To eBay Live Next Week!

eBay Live 2007 begins next week June 14 - 16 and I will be there. I've only missed one eBay Live since I began selling and that was in 2006 in Las Vegas -- it was too soon after I had shut down my business to attend. This year, I will be attending as a member of the media. What a story, former top eBay seller returns to eBay Live as a blogger.

It will be fun to catch up with old friends and see if there are any fireworks being launched from the seller community. To this point, it looks like registrations are at around 8,000 so my guess with one week to go that we should expect to see about 8,500 attendees at this year's Live. That is down substantially from last years event in Vegas (15,000) which is to be expected but it is also down from the 2005 "Live" in San Jose (11,000).

I would love to meet up with other attendees, sellers and vendors while I am in Boston so please contact me by email rksmytheatyahoodotcom - hopefully you can decipher that email address, I'm trying to avoid getting a lot of spam, I would love to meet you. (My email can also be found on my About Me page)

I will be blogging from the convention and believe there will be plenty of news. I expect to hear numbers on eBay Express for the first time and I'm sure we will hear about many other initiatives. It will be interesting how management spins things this year. There is a great deal of seller unrest and the old Rah-Rah from eBay will fall on deaf ears this year.

Please contact me so we can meet up. I'm looking forward to seeing Boston.

Update: I've been hearing a lot of chatter coming from the financial message boards that investors are getting fed-up with eBay's stock as well. Look for some fireworks to come from the eBay Annual meeting being held next week during eBay Live.

Here is an example from Yahoo's Financial Message Boards:

"Stocks in general are rising because of a tight supply of stocks caused by share buy backs, private equity deals and plenty of easy money around. Ebay does not participate in the rising market because for years Ebay has watered down its stock through generous stock options and creating to many shares to begin with at inception. Now despite fantastic growth and earnings Ebay's stock price languishes.Two things can be done to correct this situation. First, Ebay can accelerate and expand its own share buy back program. Second, Ebay can stop watering down its stock by eliminating the use of stock options.You can help by VOTING AGAINST extending the stock option plan with your proxies. Employees should be compensated only in cash by the company and not by scamming the stockholders through stock options."

user name: uncletb

Certainly message boards are not an indicator of overall investor sentiment but they do bring up valid points that must be considered. If eBay Sellers are upset, eBay Investors are upset and soon eBay Buyers become upset with the new search -- I mean finding, eBay Live 2007 could become the perfect storm for eBay management.


Suzanne Wells, eBay Power Seller said...

Hi, Randy. This will be my first eBay Live after 4 years of being a Power Seller. I too am looking forward to some great networking opps and and hearing some eBay inside scoop. Maybe I'll see ya there!

Suzanne Wells eBay Power Seller, eBay expert, Author of The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide to Successful eBay Selling, and mom of 2.

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Suzanne, hope to see you at "Live" I'm not hard to recognize gray hair and gray beard.

I will be at the PeSA/Yahoo party, the ChannelAdvisor Party and the BuySafe Lunch. Also will be hanging around the exhibit floor. If you see me say hi!