Monday, June 11, 2007

Google Checkout Is Throwing a Party At eBay Live

This news is sure to upset some executive at eBay and PayPal. Google Checkout has announced a party for eBay sellers in Boston Thursday 6-14, the same night eBay Live opens. The party is called Let Freedom Ring and here is what the invitation says:

"Join us for a celebration of freedom and your right to use Google Checkout. Hop on a classic Beantown trolley outside eBay Live! and follow the freedom trail to the Old South Meeting House, where revolutionaries launched the Boston Tea Party and where eBay sellers will have a party of their own."

If you are attending eBay Live and would like to go to the Google Checkout party you can RSVP here.

Here is Google's official blog post.

Update: Apparently the Google vs. eBay battle for checkout has ramped up a little bit with the announcement that Google would be holding a party for eBayer's in Boston this week (see above). Ina Steiner has an interesting post in Auctionbytes today. I'm sitting here in the airport in Phoenix trying to get to Boston (flight delay's may keep from attending the Meet & Greet but I'm still hopeful). I expect some more fireworks as the week progresses.

BTW, I need to give credit to chopsueysisters from the eBay Stores board for posting this first. Thanks CSS!

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