Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is eBay's "The Playground" the Way Around Launching Finding 2.0 Site Wide?

eBay announced The Playground as a way of trying out Finding 2.0 rather than launching it site wide. The Playground really is a Beta site that works much the same as but includes eBay's new finding technology. This will allow eBay to do a more thorough test of Finding 2.0 before they launch it site wide. Here is what The Playground Homepage says: "We're thrilled you've decided to check out the Playground. The Playground is a separate eBay site that allows us to experiment without changing the entire eBay site. Although a few features of regular eBay are not available on the Playground, bidding and buying are real. The main difference right now is how you find items. But, stay tuned--we may try out other new ideas on the Playground.

I guess you could say that is eBay Classic and "The Playground" is the New eBay. I think this is the correct approach to launching Finding 2.0 though they could have just called it Finding 2.0 Beta and I would have been fine with that. They are spending too much time on making things "fun" rather than making things sell. So if you are interested in seeing how the new eBay Finding 2.0 works check out The Playground.

Other than The Playground there were no major announcements about Finding 2.0 at eBay Live but Bill Cobb did say they would be adding Visual Navigation (I think this used to be called browsing) and category specific changes in the coming months. So, I think I was correct when I posted that they were struggling to pull the trigger on Finding 2.0 site wide but wrong about a big announcement.

OT (Off Topic)

I think it is funny that eBay comes up with all this new terminology:

Search = Finding
Beta Testing = The Playground
and Browsing = Visual Navigation

They are trying way too hard to come up with catchy phrases and terms when the tried and true terms still work.

And don't get me started on the Windorphins thing. I'm still not even sure I can explain it. I'm sure Marketing is having fun with it but I don't see the point.

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