Saturday, June 23, 2007

eBay Stores Board Humor!

Update: Apparently, eBay's Stores Board moderators don't have a sense of humor and pulled the thread, therefore making this no longer a joke but a reality.

I was visiting the eBay Stores Discussion Board today and came across an interesting thread titled, eBay Announces Store Board Closure~Blasts Criticisms, being the curious type I had to click through and see what was being said. After reading the OP (Original Post) I came to the realization that Stores Boardies have way too much time on their hands. They normally would be busy filling orders but with the slow sales on the marketplace they just have to find ways to keep themselves busy.

Here is the OP from oregonsbest!

TAF News Agency::6:51 A.M.

eBay Spokesperson Katie Couric today announced the closure of several of the company's chat and discussion forums due to "abuse, criticism, cynicism and an undermining of the spirit of the Core experience."

Newly-hired former news anchor Couric said that "Free speech does not apply in private industry. If management feels comments are detrimental to creating a fun and wholesome experience for the majority of users then it is fully with its rights to curtail negative forums. It is unfortunate that the behavior of a few isolated malcontents causes 99.999% of the other happy users to suffer."

Boards on the eBay ax list include:

Stores Board,
Bellyache Board,
Frilly Things Board,
Romance Novels Board,
NRA Discussion Forum,
Fence-Your-Stuff Forum, and
The Shipping As Profit Center Board
Why I Hate eBay Chat Room

At least they still have their sense of humor. Enjoy your weekend.

Of course this is mostly an inside joke, regarding board censorship, so I'm not sure it translates to the non-stores board audience, that's why I'm posting it on a Saturday when readership is normally low.


Suzanne Wells, eBay Power Seller said...

Randy, I agree that some of the folks on the eBay Blog, forums, and groups have too much time on their hands. (Which is why I read yours for some real "meaty" stuff!)

Like the new look of your blog. Keep up the good work -


-eBay Power Seller/Consultant,Author, , and Mom of 2 in Atlanta, GA.

Sue said...

They've pulled the thread now - miserable moderators :-(

Randy Smythe said...

Sue, It looks like eBay's discussion board moderators don't have a sense of humor.

Can you imagine what eBay would do if they could control bloggers?