Sunday, June 10, 2007

EBay Releases Sales Numbers For Express – “Kind Of”

On Friday of last week Lara Housser, Director of eBay Express posted an announcement on the eBay announcement board updating the progress of eBay Express. In the post she made this statement:

“Did you know that on eBay Express an item of clothing is sold every 67 seconds, a piece of jewelry every 2.3 minutes, and a DVD every 4 minutes? The word is building that eBay Express is THE place for buyers who want that great eBay deal and who at times prefer fixed-price items. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 buyers have told us they love the shopping experience that eBay Express offers.”

While not an earth-shattering announcement it did provide a glimpse into the activity on the year old site.

Since my background is selling DVDs, I of course keyed into the number of DVDs sold; a DVD sells every 4 minutes on Express.

Let’s look at this metric further: If a DVD sells every 4 minutes then they sell 360 DVD’s every day on average. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but after an aggressive television ad campaign at the launch of Express and a year of cross promotion with to only be selling 360 DVD’s a day is dismal.

By way of Comparison:

In February of 2004 my last great month of sales on eBay, I sold over 300 DVDs a day in my eBay store alone. When I add CORE sales my daily sales were 1,044 DVD’s sold through my GlacierBayDVD user ID – this was before we even started selling CD’s. eBay Express in June of 2007 is selling the same number of DVD’s as I sold from my eBay Store in February of 2004.

You can’t even blame a lack of inventory for the dreary sales because Express is filled with DVD listings from eBay Store’s, Fixed Price from CORE and listings. The current DVD sales from eBay Express are just like adding one top Power Seller to the DVD category on

No wonder they have not released any sales numbers yet. I had thought they would announce them at eBay Live but my guess now is probably not.

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