Sunday, June 17, 2007

eBay Reconsidering Stores!

Over the past year, it has seemed that eBay was ready to shutdown Stores because they were certainly less profitable than Core but it is obvious that the vocal eBay Community wants Stores and they want them expanded. It looks like eBay capitulated (that's a funny word). Stores should become a vital part of every eBay sellers business. All eBay needs to do now is improve the 'Finding" of store items. I don't have any problems with the higher fees as long as the value of the service is comparable.

Bill Cobb said "We Heard You" when announcing that a Stores Tab would be placed on the eBay header next to Motors and Express. At first I thought this was just a PR move, kind of throwing Store Sellers a bone to distract them while they pulled the rug out from under them but even as cynical as I can get, I think this move may be an actual realization that Store should be an integral part of If this is the case I applaud eBay management. If not, I will continue to question eBay management.

Bill Cobb did admit that Store inventory drew attention and buyers away from Core so IMO the removal of Stores from Search was to keep Core from failing not because of the buyer experience. It will be a long time before sellers trust eBay management again.

I am cautiously optimistic that we have turned the corner on Stores and eBay will work very hard to make them a success -- did you see my fingers were crossed.


TECKWAVE said...

I hope you're right!

Suzanne Wells, eBay Power Seller said...

Hi, Randy. At eBay Live, I participated in a focus group conducted by eBay Research(with a nice perk!) about eBay stores. The participants were asked to fill out several questionaires and we had a rountable discussion about certain features of stores, and how sellers / Store owners like/dislike them. Didn't hear any indication that stores were going to evaporate. Actually, the questions were aimed at how to get more people to open stores as far as benefits for your business, understanding how stores work, inventory vs auctions, cost of inventory listings, tools, etc. The experience was very positive!


-eBay Power Seller,Author, , and Mom of 2 in Atlanta, GA.

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Suzanne, it was nice meeting you in Boston. I agree that it looks as if Stores are here to stay, as I said I'm cautiously optimistic that we have turned the corner with Stores.

Stores/Shops IMO are the future of eBay.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that eBay Stores are the perfect way to put the brakes on Amazon's 'Third Party Seller' program which contributed signifigantly to their healthy bottom line the last few quarters.

With proper attention, traffic, and 'finding' help, eBay Store sellers will rally back to eBay and kick Amazon's but.

NOBODY wants to sell more on eBay than eBay Store owners!

Sue said...

capitulate: from Latin capitulare, to draw up under headings or in chapters, i.e. to write up a formal treaty. Related to the word "chapter".

Anybody want to explain why I can remember my Latin classes, but not stuff like "phone the accountant"? :-D