Friday, June 22, 2007

eBay Back On Google as of Today (6-22-07)

According to Reuters, eBay will soon restart their advertising on Google but according to Hani Dursy an eBay spokesman "I will tell you it will be in a much more limited way than it was before."

According to the report, eBay plans to reduce its exposure on Google and expand to other advertising vehicles: " Instead, eBay plans to rely to a greater degree of competing advertising systems from Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp.'s MSN, Time Warner Inc.'sAOL, and IAC/InterActiveCorp's

eBay said the ads should start reappearing on Google sometime today (6-22-07). The AP has a much more through article about this situation.

I guess you could give round #1 to eBay in this battle of Internet Titans but this drama is certainly not over. Word to the wise for anyone planning a party in Chicago at next years eBay Live! -- Don't


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure eBay won this round.

Yes, they got Google to cancel the party. But the way they did so (1) attracted lots of media attention to the fact that they are forcing their sellers to use the higher cost PayPal solution and (2) temporarily reduced the traffic they send to sellers they're supposed to represent.

Plus, by going back to Google eBay is admitting it can't at this point meet its business objectives by "buying around" Google. This is a great advertisement for Google, in a way. "Advertising on Google works so well that even people who don't want to buy ads on Google will do so."

At best I think eBay came out even in this exchange.

Randy Smythe said...

It is probably too early to tell who won. It appears eBay found they don't need to spend as much money with Google as they have been, so they are much less dependent on Google, a plus for eBay.

I certainly don't believe it was a win for sellers but for eBay the company it seems to be a win.

Sellers are certainly the losers here. They need an alternative to PayPal and they need visibility from Google. Hopefully eBay's more targeted approach advertising on Google will provide the needed exposure for sellers.

Sue said...

I'm not sure that eBay won, but I am certainly sure that Google lost. Having Google's biggest customer say that their traffic isn't as reliant on Google paid ads as they thought, is a huge price to pay for the cheap thrill of an anti-eBay party parallel to Live.

Randy Smythe said...

Sue, I agree completely that Google doesn't want that message out there. What happens if other major advertisers decide to do their own "test" That was sure an expensive non-party