Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big "Finding" Announcement Expected At eBay Live 2007

I work diligently to get information about upcoming changes at eBay and my sources for info are never first hand -- my first hand contacts generally give me the company line. My information most often comes third or fourth hand, so in order to get closer to the truth I always seek confirmation directly from eBay. As of this writing I have not had a response from eBay yet.

Certainly, I would not expect to hear anything from management so close to eBay live and I know they don't want to make any announcements prior to eBay Live, what would Meg and Bill have to share at the keynote. My job is to share information with my readers, the vast majority of whom are sellers, as soon as I have that information available. I try not to speculate but absent information directly from the source I have no choice.

I expect there to be an announcement regarding the testing of the eBay's "finding" experience at eBay Live this year. I am hearing through the grapevine that eBay is considering rolling out site wide changes to "finding" over a longer period of time maybe even a full year and allowing users to opt-in as they feel comfortable. While the actual outcome may be different then what I've laid out here, a one-year roll-out is certainly an option they are considering.

I don't think this will have any impact on the inclusion of Sponsored Links in Core searches. I believe those are here to stay.

eBay finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. They desperately need to update the buying experience for a new generation of buyers but they can't afford to alienate their core buyers and sellers. A roll-out with opt-in seems to me to be a reasonable approach. After all they don't want another Coke/New Coke problem on their hands. Perhaps there will always be an eBay Classic. - One caveat in regards to this announcement, since the test ends this week they may not have enough time to formulate an announcement for "Live" so this may happen post "Live".

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