Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More eBay Brain Drain!

I just learned that Dan Madden, former PayPal Seller Development dude (I don't really think that was his title) has just left PayPal for a position with AdBrite. Many sellers have worked with Dan over the years and I'm sure they join me in wishing him well at his new position.

I've written several eBay Brain Drain posts over the last year and left it up to readers to read between the lines but no longer. I believe the changes at eBay since 2005 were brought about by a management battle for the direction of eBay and the consultants won.

I can understand one or two good people leaving for better opportunities but the list from eBay is growing daily. There has been an exodus of very good people since 2005 when John Donahoe was hired to run eBay's Marketplace business. Employee morale must be very low right now. Might we one day see the eBay version of Yahoo's Peanut Butter memo.

I have spoken or communicated via email with many of those people. Some of them are guarded as to the reasons they left while others just wanted a better opportunity. It looks like eBay's old guard has left the building and in my opinion so has the heart and soul of eBay.

eBay is now run by consultants like John Donahoe who manage strictly by the numbers and have no connection to what made eBay great.

Note to eBay buyers and sellers, if you wonder what happened to the old eBay you knew and loved ... its working for other companies.

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JerryLee said...

It could be great opportunities for new eBay sellers imho.