Friday, May 04, 2007

Breaking News! Yahoo! US Auction Sites are Retiring.

Yahoo has just announced that effective June 16th 2007 they will be shutting down their US and Canadian Auction sites (curious that it happens right at the end of eBay Live - I'm Just Sayin')

If you are a current Yahoo Auctions seller and are now looking for an auction site that offers free listings and reasonable FVF's hop on over to and check it out.

Here is more coverage on the Yahoo announcement.

Yahoo Shutters Auction Sites in North America - Auctionbytes Blog.


Biddy said...

I do wonder how this fits in with all the rumours at the moment of partnerships between eBay and Yahoo, Microsoft and Yahoo, etc. etc. etc.

Randy Smythe said...

Sue, I just heard from a very reliable source, who attended a meeting with Meg Whitman recently, that eBay has no interest in merging with Yahoo or Microsoft.

I won't say it will never happen but for now eBay is planning on going it alone.

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