Friday, May 04, 2007

A Bit of Levity from the eBay Stores Board

I just got a kick out of this post by Oakstrom on the Stores Board. In regards to the Question What's a seller to do about all the changes at eBay.

A Seller is supposed to do the following:

1/ List in core not in store
2/ Set all listings to auto relist when they fail to sell.
3/ Pay Ebay for the privilege to not sell any items.
4/ If you actually manage to corner a buyer , and they buy then you have a whole new set of instructions.

1/ Don't charge shipping
2/ Ship it X number of days before they pay so it gets there on the day they pay.
3/ Eat Sleep wash and Bodily function of choice at the keyboard so you can immediately answer any MEGA IMPORTANT QUESTION OR QUERY, like "is the red balloon red? " Or "I paid for this 1 hr ago why has it not arrived? "

All the time smiling and thanking Ebay for the privilege.
And lighting Candles to the shrine of Meg Whitman in the Corner!

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