Sunday, April 29, 2007

What is eBay Doing Now? Testing! Testing!

A friend of mine suggested I search on the word "twine" and see if I came up with the same result as she did. The screen capture above is the result I received. It may be difficult to read but this result showed more than 30 CORE items (in fact there were over 200 items in CORE )and then directly below the Core listings on the first page of search were Express listings. No store listings were to be found. It was indeed a test because I asked some other sellers across the country to do the same search and they received normal results.

Now, what are we to make of this test? It appears that eBay wants to determine the most productive method for displaying Express items in search and this was one attempt. I would imagine this approach would not go over well with either Core Sellers or Store Sellers.

It is hard to figure out what they are doing. They certainly have a commitment to growing Express so it is possible that Express listings will replace SIF listings from stores. Of course that approach will not go over well with Store sellers who are paying good fees for limited exposure as it stands right now.

This is just a test, but it does provide a glimpse into their plans. With the addition of the Express tab to the new header on it is evident they are making a huge effort to drive buyers to Express. Is this there next move?

Click here to see Scot Wingo's take on this testing.

UPDATE: Here is eBay's response to the Stores Community on the Store Discussion Board.
It looks like, according to this statement, Express items are not replacing Store items but that Express items are getting much better exposure than Store items. In essence this picture represents EIS (Express in Search). Question for you, if SIS (Stores in Search) was so bad for the buyer experience how does EIS improve the buyer experience?


Chairman said...

Good Grief that would be dire , and considering all the adds they will release as well.....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I have a store on ebay, and I think that you are right about ebay stores not getting the exposure they should have.
I love ebay, and love having my store, but below the auctions, the type is so small, you almost have to search to see the ebay stores link.
I don't think Ebay Express has the Heart, that many people love so much about Ebay. It just seems plastic and corporate. Not individual, and artistic.
Sincerely, DVD