Saturday, April 21, 2007

Update to Problem with Search on eBay This Week!

According to Adam from eBay, the problems with search this past week were due to a glitch in the system, not the result of a test of the new "finding" system. Here is Adam's response to my blog post.

Randy, this is not an eBay test. eBay is testing many new search improvements, but showing the stores expansion header without items below it is not one of them. This is a bug, and one that eBay is working to fix as soon as possible. Take care. Adam

I know Adam very well and he is a trustworthy individual. He truly cares about what he is doing and if he says it was a glitch I believe him. I did tell him that communication between management and sellers has to improve. Maybe the upcoming PESA conference will help in this regard.

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