Monday, April 23, 2007

How to Invigorate eBay's Core Business!

Today, eBay announced a .20-cent auction-listing sale for the US site with 24 hours notice, which is a significant change to past listing sales. It looks like eBay is adapting to the changing marketplace. Previous listing sales were announced the day of the sale.

Ina Steiner suggests the change may have come from a Q&A session at the Channel Advisor conference in March but I think it is more likely that it was a combination of factors. eBay sellers have been complaining for years that they need more notice on listing sales but until eBay UK began giving several days notice on listing sales last year eBay never had any metrics to provide basis for a change. EBay is a “slave to the data” as former Senior VP and General Merchandise Manager Michael Dearing once said. I believe they only make changes when the data suggests it. So, I would suggest that the changes made in the UK provided sufficient data to make the change here in the US.

As stated in eBay’s Q1 Earnings report, the UK site has been performing exceptionally well, which would suggest that many of the initiatives launched in the UK might make their way across the Atlantic to the US site. eBay management allows Country Managers to make changes they feel will help their market grow and the UK managers have done an excellent job in reinvigorating the marketplace with category specific pricing and numerous other changes. Perhaps it’s time for the US managers to adopt some of those changes.


evanp.on.ebay said...

Randy I agree with you the longer notice for the listing "sale" was generated by success in the UK not user input.

If you want to keep up with Michael Dearing his blog is


Randy Smythe said...

Thanks Evan, I've been following Michael. He is now teaching at Stanford.