Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Great Migration - The Meltdown

Wow, that was fast! You can always tell when some event (in this case a blog post) is having a major impact on eBay because eBay spokesmen and women will be all over it. eBay Spokesman Brad Williams (that's the first time I've heard that name - Where's Hani Durzy?) spoke with Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes to quash the rumor that a Store fee increase was imminent. Also in a post on the Stores Discussion board thread Is Scot Wingo right? Is this coming soon? Lori from eBay wrote the following:

“Hi All - For those of you that may not have attended today's Stores Brown Bag Lunch, I thought I would reiterate our comments on pricing. Scot Wingo's speculation on Stores pricing is wrong. We do not have any plans to increase eBay Stores subscription or Store Inventory fees at this time. As always, we will continue to communicate any such changes to the Community in a timely, comprehensive way. “

What is telling, is that the pain of last years Store Fee increase is like an open sore and it just hasn’t healed. If you read the comments to Ina’s blog post and to the discussion board thread after Lori’s post you can see that eBay has/have certainly burned some bridges. Basically, as I read it a large segment of the seller community no longer believes anything that is said by eBay as the image on post number 107 of the Scot Wingo thread illustrates.

I’ll continue to write about the inevitable fee increase and encourage sellers to expand to other marketplaces because there are not sufficient reasons to count on eBay for long-term viability.

What I would like to hear from eBay is: “there will be no Store Fee increase through the end of 2007” - that I would believe!


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