Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Great Migration Has Begun!

Here’s a question for you: Where do you put half-a-million eBay store sellers when they leave eBay? The Answer: Yahoo Stores, Amazon webstores and about 25 more webstore solutions available right now. My suggestion to those solution providers is prepare because the “Great Migration” has begun. This is eBay’s version of “Ice Age”

It all started simply, with a blog post by Scot Wingo on his eBay Strategies blog, where he predicts a sizable fee increase for stores coming down the pike. What is different from this year’s possible increase to last years you might ask? The answer is Google and their PPA profile for AdWords. Now even a small seller can afford to advertise using AdWords with PPA (Pay Per Action)

The funny thing is just the rumor of a fee increase has caused such a stir that sellers are frantically searching for an off eBay solution. My take, even if eBay doesn’t follow through on a fee increase – which I think is inevitable – the mere idea that they would do this again, so soon, has forced sellers to realize that their long-term viability requires them to get off of eBay for all but their high velocity sales.

My advice to sellers – start looking at other platforms. Also, you might look at increasing your prices incrementally over the next several months in preparation.


bonni said...

I realised at the last fee hike (which hit Australia particularly hard because the increases were so big) that eBay was not going to remain a viable platform for long.

I was told, and quite rudely, that it was my own fault for not being smart enough to "adjust" to the fee changes, etc. The thing is, I could have adjusted, adapted, etc., but I understood then that I was going to have to do that every few months and that it wouldn't be long before it reached the point of unviable.

I decided to desert the sinking ship and look elsewhere, and I have.

Eventually, everyone else will figure it out, too, and realise that eBay isn't a stable platform, it's not a fair partnership, and that the Titanic wasn't unsinkable.

I know I feel a lot better about my business and myself now that I'm working solidly toward a business model that does NOT rely on any third-party platforms or partnerships in order to move forward.

Randy Smythe said...

Each time they raise fees there are even more options available for sellers so more and more will leave. eBay has burned through all of the seller good will so seller loyalty will not keep them on the site. Some sellers are still making good money on the site but we all know that will change.

breezeauctions said...

The best place to move your webstore to is The store is 100% free to list as many items and pictures as you want. It has also integrated google checkout so processing your orders is free as well. You cant beat that. I have saved thousands of dollars by leaving Ebay and Paypal! Checkout my store to see what one looks like.

Chairman said...

I concur , the mere hint of eBay raising store fee's has sent panic into the hearts of eBay sellers.

I for one have been moving away from eBay , they herded me away from eBay UK and forced me to use European auction sites , raising fee's will only force me to sell on my own site for Slavic and collectible books.

Adwords is looking better all the time and testing has worked , the new Adwords program in Beta will work for me even better.

eBay I dare you to raise store fee's , we need you less and less and as the other poster said they have consumed their stockpile of goodwill.

Many of us its just one more straw away..

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