Thursday, February 22, 2007

What will MySpace 2.0 Look Like?

The Internet may be crossing over into Web 3.0 soon but MySpace is still in version 1.0. So, what do you think MySpace 2.0 will look like?

Here's what I think: (Some of this is wishful thinking)
  • MySpace 2.0 will no longer be considered the Teen Hang-out exclusively! A growing number of older members will begin to use the platform (this is already happening). This may cause the fickle Teen set to flee to another hot site so MySpace will need to find ways to keep them. My suggestion! Let them make some money. They already refer, suggest and reccomend products, bands, songs, etc for free. Why not let them get paid to do that.

  • MySpace will become an ecommerce site allowing trading between members. This system will be facilitated by eBay, Google or a system developed by MySpace. My suggestion is the creation of a separate site called MySpace Shops that links to each sellers profile. If FIM ends up working with eBay the solution would be to add a shopping cart to eBay's Stores platform and port that over to a new site. Shazam! You now have MySpace Shops. This of course would benefit eBay Store Sellers greatly. I don't like the idea of expanding eBay's grip on ecommerce and would much prefer that MySpace develop its own platform to compete but I am realistic. If FIM doesn't want to develop its own system I would hope that Google would get serious about developing its own Stores platform.

  • PayPal will most likely become the payment method of choice unless Google checkout can add account functionality.

  • MySpace will start to offer Pro versions of their profiles for members who want to expand their MySpace presence. The pro versions will include multiple pages and allow members to make money through MySpace’s new affiliate, advertising and Shops offerings.

Well, there are a couple of my ideas. What do you think MySpace 2.0 will look like?


Connor said...

Hmm, are you sure there will even *be* a Myspace 2.0? It would be very difficult for Myspace to alter anything, considering the fact that the majority of profile pages are hacked together with bad HTML that is very fragile.

But here's what I would like to see:
- Setting to "turn off" all hacks when viewing profiles. That way I don't need to worry about my browser crashing every few moments.
- Cleaner looking main page.
- Way to incorporate advertising into sites, with incentive for users to place ads in prominent spots. A little like what Google's adsense has going on with Blogger...

Randy Smythe said...

I hear ya! They really need to develop a new more stable platform but porting over all of those profiles would be a mess. That's why I like the idea of creating a new platform called MySpace Shops and allowing users to create Pro version profiles. This might serve as a bridge to a new plafrom for the entire site.