Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's Been a Slow News Day!

My morning routine usually involves coffee and a glance at my Google Reader to see if any of my favorite sites/blogs have anything interesting to discuss. I check email for reports from my stock analyst friends and I surf the web for any interesting tidbits. It is a rare day when I can't find anything I'm interested in writing about. Today, I'm really digging deep. I went to the eBay Stores Discussion board to see what sellers are saying and came across an interesting item.

eBay often highlights sellers in their Seller Central section of the site. It’s a nice tool for promoting sellers. Today though according to a tip from eBay user bangkokbint eBay is profiling a seller who hasn’t been on the site since the store fee increases were announced in August. The seller is greatbuybooks a power seller with over 143,000 positive feedback but has not sold an item on either eBay or Half.com since July of 2006. Now what could possibly be the benefit of promoting a seller that doesn’t actually sell on eBay any longer? Take a look at the profile and then the feedback; somebody at eBay is asleep at the wheel.


Frank Ross said...

Looks like the seller went under (or south) judging by the last few comments in the feedback. Perhaps they'll promote your old ebay entity - GlacierBayDVD - next week?

eBay must do this stuff way in advance and then not go back to check. I can just imagine it this way: dozens of layers of corporate bureaucracy that a profile feature would have to through before it finally get published months and months later.

Randy Smythe said...

Frank - They really should have people take care of this stuff. No wonder fraud goes unchecked – nobody’s checking for it.