Monday, February 26, 2007

In a Perfect World!

Since this blog is called My Blog Utopia I thought I would add a new regular post called “In a Perfect World”. I was going to use “Can’t We All Just Get Along” from famed philosopher Rodney King but I like “Perfect World” better because it’s another way of saying Utopia.

So, this week’s post is again about the online payment wars – you might say I’m obsessed with this topic – “In a Perfect World” eBay’s PayPal, Microsoft’s future micro-payment service, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. could all be wrapped into one simple payment system called Google Checkout. This would allow the world’s shoppers and vendors to simplify their checkout system and make everything right with the world. It is called Co-opetition and could happen "In a Perfect World".

Of course, we all know this ain’t going to happen but it would be nice if at least a couple of them could get together. Google’s Checkout needs the account functionality of PayPal and the promise of Micro-payments from Microsoft, so let’s all stop fighting and put this system in place. Of course poor old Amazon would be left out in the cold unless they could come up with a 1-Click e-wallet like Google Checkout – I guy can dream can’t he?