Saturday, February 17, 2007

eBay Sellers! Display your Products on this Blog!

I came across a great little widget for eBay sellers recently and I've added it to the bottom of my blog. It allows sellers to showcase their eBay product on MySpace, Friendster and other websites and blogs. The nice part -- you can add your Store Referal id and get 75% off of your FVF from all purchases made through the showcase. Oh, the tool is also free and available at . You can also get the widget for your About Me Page and your eBay Store for a very reasonable fee.

If you would like your store items to be displayed on my blog please email me and I will add them for one month at a time. I have room for 7 more stores and November and December are already booked. I don't charge anything to post them here so hurry before all the slots are filled.

Also, I have the widget on my MySpace profile and on several other blogs (The Seller Evangelist, The Digital Napkin and The Single Dad) so if you act fast you can get listed on everything.

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