Wednesday, February 07, 2007

eBay and MySpace do the Dance!

It's a funny thing about timing. Last month I wrote a post on my blog, The Digital Napkin, about how to monetize MySpace and then yesterday I expanded on that idea with an article on Associated Content on the need for MySpace to create a store platform similar to eBay and Shazam! Now, the two companies are in talks about working together. I wish I could say they got the idea from me but I'm sure these talks have been in the works for a while. It does point out though, that I do know what I'm talking about.

Needless to say, this may be a nice turn of events for eBay store sellers if they can get some additional exposure for their product on their MySpace profiles. Hopefully it will be a robust solution. It also points out that eBay's MyWorld, Wiki's and Blogs must really not be doing the job eBay had hoped.

Stay Tuned.


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