Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yahoo!, Amazon, Ebay: They Died With Their Boots On

I love that title. In his article, Douglas A. McIntyre makes his point that the “Three Amigos” Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay have gone the way of Microsoft and should no longer be considered growth stocks (Maybe we should call Google El Guapo)

“With the exception of a small jump in late 2005 and a sell-off in the summer and fall of 2006, Yahoo! has traded between $28 and $38 over the last two years. The company trades for six times sales, about the same as Microsoft (MSFT). It is hard to imagine it moving back to $40. It just isn't a growth stock any more.

Amazon's stock is down about 10% over the last two years. It's had a good run recently, but no one thinks it can grow much faster than the e-commerce market overall. Getting back to $49, where it traded in late 2005 is improbable.

Ebay's growth come primarily from it PayPal online payment system. The stock is down almost 30% over two years, and getting back to where it traded in early 2006 ain't going to happen.

What gives? The companies are no longer in the "growth" category. They have gone to Microsoft-ville. Nice companies. Modest revenue expansion. No big upside.”

So what does that mean for the “Three Amigos” the remnants of Web 1.0? McIntyre says, “In some ways, it does not matter. The stocks are probably permanently range bound.”

As the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld would say, if he sold stocks, “No more growth for you!”


Frank Ross said...

At least Amazon and Yahoo! keep attempting to innovate. I don't see that quality in eBay much any longer and wonder if they've permanently lost that ability or if it's just dormant. All I see is lip service from Bill Cobb and Meg Whitman.

Randy Smythe said...

I think the Skype purchase was an attempt to find a "High Growth" business for eBay. Boy, that was a mistake. I don't think they have any new ideas for the Marketplace business sorry to say. Oops! I forgot Feedback 2.0 LOL

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