Friday, January 19, 2007

eBay Seller Conference Recap

Well, I was a little disappointed in the news that came out of the Seller Conference this week. In fact I kind of just yawned at it. If you are interested in that information follow this link for a recap.

Sellers have been complaining about security issues on eBay for years and its taken them until now to actually address them in some meaningful way. What could have brought about this change? I do have one thought as to the motivation for announcing these buyer initiatives; eBay’s buyer metrics must be changing severely. eBay generally does not make changes because they simply make sense. It has been my experience that they only make changes when the metrics cry out for change; SIS (Stores in Search) is a great example.

What could eBay’s metrics be saying now? Perhaps, even though eBay was touting itself as the #1 most visited site during this holiday season that in reality ASP’s and conversions declined. Maybe a great many visitors came to look but not many actually bought anything. I think we will know the answer to this when eBay reports earnings on the Jan 24th.
I would have liked to hear what they had planned for Stores in 07’ maybe that will happen at eBay Live.