Thursday, January 18, 2007

eBay Seller Conference Final Day

Today was mainly one-on-one sessions between sellers and management so not much new was revealed. My sources are all flying home this afternoon so I will have to debrief them later and fill you in on any interesting tidbits.

My take on this so far is a big Yawn! "Much ado about nothing"

I'm glad to see eBay taking a more serious look at fraud but the Feedback and Seller registration initiatives lack punch. I want to get details on Express and what their plans are for Stores. We will have to wait and see what they come up with.
I'm also dying to know what the response was to the Seller Profitability session. Hopefully they treated GlacierBayDVD fairly in their case study.

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Frank Ross said...

Hopefully you can get a transcript of that GlacierBayDVD session. Personally, I would not mind having been a 'fly on the wall' of some of those sessions.